Prices - How it works


The ironing is charged by weight; £2.50 per Lb / £5.50 per Kg

Minimum order is 9 Lb / £22.50

Collection and Delivery is free.

We guarantee a 24 hour turnaround.


How it works

You phone or e-mail us with your enquiry. Bookings  before 5.30pm will be usually collected the

same day and returned the following day.

Please place the washed garments into a bag, black sack, laundry bag etc.

Driver weighs the ironing on collection and lets you know the total cost.

Payment is on delivery the following day. We provide wired hangers for shirts, trousers etc.

If you wish to provide your own hangers you can do so.

Shirts, trousers, skirts, ladies tops are returned on hangers and wrapped in clear polythene.

Bedding and T-shirts are folded and also wrapped in polythene. 

If you have any special requests please let the driver know on collection.


We are always happy to help and our aim is to provide a service that our customers truly deserve.